#flashbackfriday/birthday shout out to the homeboy from hell, a rocker through and through, hesher/shredder/artist and someone responsible for some of the wildest, weirdest and coolest times of my life, @everydaysalas. Happy birth gawd, see you tonight #knifemountain #fnt #ock #niggayouaintmyfather #dontstopatredlights

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Yo, forget about that cause this jam is gonna bust the house down…

#tbt to the week I thought it was really funny to wear the “hardcore sweat suit”. It wasn’t.

Since she posted mine, I’ll post hers. @veganmedusa and I did the cliche punk couple move and made each other mixes, except hers looks WAY cooler than mine and has a bunch of stuff I’ve been meaning to check out or never even heard. The Brood rules.

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No, there’s no fucking way that anything’s going to change

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